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Xue Hao, Snow Tips Yellow Tea
* OUT OF STOCK * (20 % Off) Xue Hao, Snow Tips Yellow Tea
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Xue Hao, Snow Tips Yellow Tea This tea originates is produced in Yun He of Zhejiang province. Tea growing region is in the altitude of 400-800, where always around with misty. The Xue Hao yellow tea has limited production every year. The farmer harvest leaves before Qing Ming(April 4). Most of the leaves will be produced as green tea, only few top quality leaves can be chose to produce yellow tea. Origin: Zhejiang province Shape: The leave is small and tight. Curled like a snail. Color: Olive color leaves with white furs. The tea soup is in bright Yellow-Green color. Taste: Fresh, mild delicate and little sweetness. Harvest Period: Spring, early April
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