We have moved our online store to www.thechineseteashop.com and are are not accepting new orders on this store. Customers with existing orders please access your account for any order details. You can still contact us at info@thechineseteashop.com. To order new products, please visit us at www.thechineseteashop.com
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Applies to orders totalling a minimum of $80.00 (total does not include shipping and taxes). Discount coupons and gift certificates will be applied to the order total and will reduce the total for calculating free shipping.

Applies to select items as indicated.

To qualify for free shipping, ALL items in the order must qualify for free shipping. PLEASE NOTE: A single un-qualified item will disqualify the entire order for free shipping. If you wish to order qualified and un-qualified items, the best way is to create separate orders for each type.

Only applies to shipping in North America.

We ship within 3 - 4 days of receiving your order (excluding Sunday and Canadian holidays) from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Free shipping orders are sent by Canada Post Regular Air.


We ship within 3 - 4 days of receiving your order (excluding Sunday and Canadian holidays) from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

All orders are sent by Canada Post. Customers can choose the delivery service they prefer. Rates and expected delivery times are clearly indicated on the shipping order page before payment is made.

The rates shown are calculated directly from Canada Post servers. We do not “mark-up” these rates.

All prices include insurance for the full purchase amount only.

All prices include packaging, materials and handling.

We combine multiple product orders into the smallest possible package. This is calculated automatically for you on the shipping order page.

We cannot waive insurance, mark packages as gifts or commercial samples or alter payment declarations.


We will consider an item as lost within 45 days of notification by the customer. This can be the result of events which are beyond our control, such as an error along the delivery chain or at the customs service in your country. Should this occur, please accept our apologies.

When contacting us, please indicate your order number and if you would prefer a full refund (including shipping) or a re-shipment of your original order. Should the original “lost” order appear after a replacement or refund has been made, please contact us so we can make arrangements for return postage.

We will charge a 10% fee (based on the purchase price only) plus any charges incurred by us for items that are delivered on time but returned to us as a result of:
  • Refusal of the order by the customer,
  • Unable to be delivered,
  • Not collected by the customer at their local postal station or assigned pick-up location.
Customers outside of Canada may be assessed importation duties by the customs services in their country. This is beyond our control and should you feel that you may be assessed high duties, please contact the customs service in your country prior to ordering.