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Premium Iron Buddha 25Years Old Aged Traditional Oolong Tea (Charcoal Roasted)
Premium Iron Buddha Aged Traditional Oolong Tea Charcoal Roasted
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This rare and traditional Aged Oolong tea comes from a farmer’s private stock.  As is common in the tea business in China, it took me many years of buying teas from him and many visits to his farm to convince him I was an earnest and worthy buyer. This tea has been stored since the early 1990’s and unlike inferior varieties roasted by machine, this tea has been carefully re-roasted by hand over charcoal every 3 years to enhance the aged flavour.  The tea leaves are a semi-ball shape and are a dark brown colour.

The rinse has a bright pink/reddish colour.  The first infusion has a light smoky flavour with an incredible chocolate taste that just has to be experienced! The aroma is rich and complex with deep fruity tones. Then an amazing, mouth tingling sensation bursts out from both sides of the tongue and also from the back of throat. Immediately afterwards, a strong sweet after-taste develops which moistens the palette.

Tea: Premium Iron Buddha 25 Years Old  Aged Traditional Oolong Tea (Charcoal Roasted)

Factory: Private farmer

Process Origin: Anxi, Fujian province

Aged Origin: Has been stored in China  for 20 years and stored in Vancouver since 2010

Types: Traditional Iron Buddha Oolong (Charcoal Roasted)

Harvest Period: 1990's

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5 of 5 A real masterpiece in tea making and aging. July 15, 2014
Reviewer: Johan Fredin from Norrköping, n/a Sweden  
I have always loved the darker types of TGY (Tie Guanyin), as my favorite oolong tea.
But this one which has aged and has probably been roasted more than once (which for some reason is good when aging oolongs for a long time.)

The taste is sweet but complex, somewhat medicinal (in a good way) compared to young, dark, roasted TGY. The roast seems to have been rather heavy on this one and a bit of burnt flavor, but not too much it's still a pleasant roast level.
The color of the soup is much more red than other TGYs and the hue looks almost otherworldly. And adds to the medicinal feeling to the tea.

This tea can take many brews, I tried brewing 10 brews without much weakening or even change in flavor, and I think I could do ~20.
The leaves unfold very slowly.

I recommend using a little more of this tea in your pot/gaiwan than you'd usually have for oolongs, maybe even twice as much.
I've tried different temperatures, between 85°C and 100°C without any difference.

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5 of 5 This Oolong is the real deal August 20, 2013
Reviewer: Aaron Basskin from NC  
To my incredible satisfaction I discovered that Daniel's "Premium Iron Buddha 20 Years Old Aged Traditional Oolong Tea (Charcoal Roasted)" is of the finest quality and is certainly more than capable to deliver these fine tea qualities. I was (and still am) thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the tea and am pleased to say that it has raised my standards of how Oolong can taste if aged and prepared well!

I enjoyed my tea gong fu style. The colors of the pour and onward were intoxicating; deep, dark and luscious browns of mahogany and fine leather looked up at me from my cup. The first three of four infusions confronted me strikingly pungent notes that would send chills of pleasure down my spine. Upon swallowing I was amazed at the lingering sweetness and depth of flavor that could come only from a tea with years behind it. Long after my sip I would come across strong wafting notes of toffee and caramel smokey-sweetness.

I continued roughly a dozen more times to re-infuse my tea and take pleasure in its long life. As I continued to brew, the bitterness faded and the tea gave off flavors that were predominantly sweet with notes of lychee.

There is no doubt in my mind that this Oolong is the real deal.  I am already looking forward to purchasing a small quantity to treasure and share with close friends on a rare and gleeful occasion.

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5 of 5 surprisingly good Tiguanyin December 7, 2011
Reviewer: MW from USA  
I am fairly new to tea brewing and drinking so, for the last few
> months, I've been stumbling around and buying different kinds of teas
> from various places in order to figure out what I best enjoy. Recently
> I've been trying a number of different tiguanyins My recent Tiguanyin
> experience has been very disappointing. One thing I most enjoy in teas
> is the fragrance. When I've brewed the many Tiguanyins in the past
> couple of weeks I could smell a lovely fragrance in the gaiwan, teapot
> and faircup, but I wasn't enjoying the tea. It tasted woody and
> sometimes very dry on my tongue. I was sure my brewing was at fault. I
> tried different temperatures, different heights of pouring, different teapots and gaiwans.
> Although I occasionally brewed a decent cup most of the time the tea
> tasted dry on my tongue- very woody and parched. I wondered why I
> didn't like the tea taste because I enjoyed the fragrance. I was reluctant to give up.
> Today I came across your "Premium Traditional Iron Buddha, 20 yrs old,
> charcoal roasted) in my cabinet. I had brewed it a long time ago but
> no longer remembered what it tasted like. I decided to try a little
> supposedly zhi sha teapot, the same teapot I've used for most of my Tiguanyin drinking.
> The first pot was surprisingly good- I figured it must be luck. The
> tea tasted satisfying- a little woody but not dry. It tasted
> full-bodied and rich but not strong or astringent. I am now on my 8th!
> brew, and am still enjoying every cupful. It's quite a bit weaker than
> when I first started out but it still tastes like tea- not like water-
> and it has a gentle, smooth silkiness that has its own kind of charm.
> The lid still smells like sugar-coated leaves, plums and cinnamon, and
> although the scent is faint, it's amazing to me, that after so many
> brews, it stills satisfies, both how it tastes and how it smells.
> Just thought I'd say thank you. I'm learning that there huge
> differences in teas, which might be obvious to you but isn't as clear
> to a beginner :-)
> Many thanks for the enjoyable cupfuls!

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5 of 5 Excellent Traditional Anxi Tea April 5, 2011
Reviewer: Rich from Seattle  
I have been drinking Iron Buddha Tieguanyin for nearly 20 years.  This tea is a hard-to-find, quality oolong that is reminiscent of the small-batch, hand-produced, charcoal fired oolongs requiring high skill.  The tea's age has allowed it to mature, while the consistent skillful roasting of it over the years has deepened its complexity.  A delicious tea that is difficult to match; a must-try for any Tieguanyin lover.  Best brewed in a good, roasted oolong pot.

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